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What is DKA?

The Detroit Kickball Association, DKA, was founded in 2008 is a recreational sports club for those who fondly remember the excitement, fun and simplicity of playing kickball. People of all ages meet on Forest Park’s Athletic Fields every Sunday for pure summer fun. Children are always welcome, though the majority of the kickball games are adult games there is plenty of fun to be had for the littles too. Anyone and everyone is welcome at DKA games. We play pickup games each week and have a blast. Pre-game events are held at sponsor venues each week with a bike shuttle provided by Detroit Bike City to Forest Park for game day and then following play each week at a venue with food and drink, each year in September we conclude the season with a trip to Cedar Point

Please remember while playing and enjoying your time at DKA events that the number one thing is fun! Don't get too serious or competitive, a little trash talk can be fun,  just don't be a dick.

All games are pick up. We play five innings with a third inning stretch to cool off. DKA is all about fun! We mix the teams up every game so dont be afraid of not remembering someone’s name right away, or picking them for your team by calling them something like “Perogi (cause thats what their shirt says), or even “Red Shirt Guy,” or one of my favorites Tall Socks Girl.

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Our Sponsors

  • Grand Trunk Pub
  • Titos Vodka
  • Ferndale Bike Shop
  • Nationwide Travel
  • Klever
  • Red Tap
  • Detroit Sports 360
  • Park Bar Sponsor
  • Ol Shillelagh Sponsor
  • Cokko Swain Sponsor
  • Aunt Nees Sponsor
  • Sports Truth Show

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Sponsorship Kit Kickball

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